i need to define multiple text entry fields

Apr 25, 2013

hi guys, im newer on Articulate Storyline so i need to define three text entry fields on the same slide, with different answers each one! How should this be achieved? regards jm



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Juanma,

Welcome to the community! You're going to love Storyline.

Not sure if this will work for you, but threw together a really bare bones example. Here's how I did it.

1. Select insert >data entry (it's in the Interactive Object group)

2. Choose Text Entry

3. Click on the slide.
you'll see a "type your text here" text box. If you want, you can enter your own text...e.g., what the Learners should type. In my example for this first text box, I typed "Please type your name here."

4. I ALWAYS rename my Text Entry boxes on the timeline. I named this one "name."

5. I ALWAYS rename my Text Entry boxes in the Project Variables box.

  • To do so, click the Manage Project Variables button on the right-hand panel ... it looks like an X ... it's black
  • The variable will be named Text Entry.
  • Double-click in the box to open the Variable dialog box and type in a new name. I called mine "name", to match the one on the timeline.
  • Click OK 2 times to close the dialog boxes.

Repeat for your other two text entries.


If you only have text entries on this slide, when you preview, you won't be able to see the text in the first one. So

1. Insert a shape "offstage" (to the left of the slide)...any shape, doesn't matter.

2. On the timeline, drag this shape to the bottom (or, you can achieve the same results by right-clicking the shape itself and, from the shortcut menu, choose send to back.

Let us know if that works for you! Also, if Learners MUST complete all text entries before moving to the next slide, let us know. We can insert those instructions. Just wanted to get this out before I start my work day!

juanma andreani

hi rebecca and thanks!

great, i've achieved right! but my problem now is when i try to define values for each entry text field. Exercise to example:

Write the correct numbers:

8 : __FOUR__

4 :__TWELVE__

12 : __EIGHT__

next> Incorrect message!


8 : __EIGHT__

4 :__FOUR__

12 : __TWELVE__

next> That´s right!

so, how could i asign one answer for each text field ?



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Juanma,

I've attached an updated story. Not sure it's what you're after, but it was the way I understood your question.

So, slide 2 contains

  • a large text box with the numbers 4, 8, 12 and the instructions
  • three text entry boxes beside each number for the Learners to enter the word

I named the text entries on the timeline and in the Project Variables box in the way I described for the first slide.

I added an incorrect layer. It contains

  • a shape with instructions to Try Again
  • a button with a trigger to hide the layer when Learner clicks

Back on the base layer, I modified the Jump to next slide button by adding these conditions:

on condition: the variable eight = (ignore case) eight AND the variable four = (ignore case) four AND the variable twelve = (ignore case) twelve

I added another trigger:

Action: Show layer

Layer: Incorrect

When: user clicks

Object: Next button

On condition: the variable eight ! = Not equal to (ignore case) eight OR the variable four ! = Not equal to (ignore case) four OR the variable twelve  ! = Not equal to (ignore case) twelve

Let us know how that works out for you.

Patrik Lögdqvist

I must be way out of my league ...

I think this is exactly the place to be for answering my question (see below)

though I can't seem to get my slide to work as I'd like it.

Have watched through the tutorial ten times but - no success.

Guess I don't know as much about variables as I thought or should ...


I would like my participants to:

1. type in two values in the right fields - let's say 4 in the first field and 96 in the other.

2. press a triggered shape "on stage" (I don't want to use submitbuttons on player)

If they have put both correct numbers in the correct fields - Layer Correct will show.

If they put in right values but in wrong fields, if only one value/field is correct
or if anything else is wrong - Layer Incorrect will show.

Please, please, please - how do I do this?

Eternal gratitude and a big smile to the one/ones
who solves this!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Patrik,

This is REALLY barebones, but I think it does what you want.

There are two text entries (if you're not calculating the numbers you can use text entries). I've named them on the timeline, and their associated variables: EntryOne and EntryTwo

There's also a rectangle on the timeline for Learners to click after they've entered their answers.

There are two buttons offstage: a C (correct) button and an I (Incorrect button)

The slide has been converted to a Pick One. The "correct" answer for the Pick one is the C button. Incorrect answer is the I button.

Three triggers I created. Note trigger order: it's important.

  • Change state of Button C to selected when the user clicks the Rectangle IF EntryOne=4 AND EntryTwo=96.
  • Change state of Button I to selected when the user clicks the Rectangle IF EntryOne is NOT =4 OR EntryTwo is NOT =96.
  • Submit interaction PickOne when user clicks the rectangle.

I also removed the default Submit button from the slide.

Let us know if that achieves what you're after.

Carol Henry-Crowell

Ok, I have followed this thread, but I think I have a little different twist on it. I have 4 different text entry boxes on the page - one for account number, one for first name, one for last name, one for phone number. The learners are to search for an account. They can search by ANY one of the four criteria - account number, first name, last name, phone number. They only have to type text in one of the boxes and press Enter and it goes to the next slide. I only want to judge the correctness of the one criteria that they enter. And oh another twist - this is on a scrolling window so layers don't work within the scrolling part. I want to give them incorrect feedback if they type the wrong text. It is when I add the Incorrect trigger things don't work as desired.

Any suggestions?

Amanda Gallagher

So I've done this process for a few of my slides in my eLearning, but I just realized something - if someone enters every single text entry field "wrong" or in line with my conditions, the Incorrect layer displays, but if they only enter one of the fields incorrectly, a layer appears telling them that they need to complete the question before clicking Submit. 

Is there a way to get the Incorrect layer to appear if someone only has a few of the conditions wrong?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Amanda

Usually the trigger is AND for correct and OR for the incorrect  (as you want incorrect to show if any of the TE aren't correct - you have AND) but when I do these type of Pick One slides I create my trigger for the Correct button and for the incorrect button instead of trying to enter all the conditions I change it to the following. It's so much easier :-)

See if this works for you:

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