IE8 with Flash 11.8.800 not displaying content online

Hi, my client is trying to view a course online via a link using IE8 with Flash 11.8.800 they can see the menus, previous & next buttons etc. but not the content. The browser & flash versions cannot be changed as this is locked down by their IT department.

The link works fine on my PC (IE10 with Flash 11.9.900.117) & on other peoples PC's.

Please can someone advise if there is a solution to this problem? HTML5 can't be used due to the browser version they are using.



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Dennis Hall

Hi Johnathan:

The best solution when their IT department locks them down is to have their IT department unlock them for the domain you are hosting the course in.

IT policies are not something you should try to override and can become very political.

If you aer running your course from, ask if they can put this domain in the IE Trusted sites list.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall

Hi Jon:

So Flash works, but videos do not play.

Are the flash videos embedded, or linked?

- If the videos are linked, they need a player installed on their local computers to play them.

- If the videos are embedded, they need the correct plugin to play them in their browser.

  - Are they allowed to view YouTube videos?

  - Can they see videos on other video web sites?

  - Does the IT department block video mime types from being displayed?

Does their browser have a video player add-in installed?

Once again, have their IT department answer these questions.

Sorry to send you back again, but this is clearly a client side issue.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall