Problem IE8 -Connection Error


I am developing my own lms, and I have uploaded a course.

When I launch this course from IE8 (using flash, because html5 is not supported in IE8) , I have the following error  : "Unable to connect to the server.
Please verify you can connect to the internet and relaunch the course. Status Code: -1".

The error occurs only using IE,  there is not problem using chrome and firefox.

Specification :

Windows 7

IE8 version 8.0.7601.17514

Adobe flash version :

URL : .../story.html?endpoint=/in/rest/inLearning/&actor={%22name%22%3A%20%22admin%22}

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi John and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Have you tried testing the project on a server, other than your LMS? 

If not, you could try using SCORM Cloud.

Another option would be to use our Tempshare server. Just keep in mind that this server is only available for testing content - it is not officially supported by Articulate and all content will be removed automatically after 10 days.

You're always welcome to try out Articulate Online, as well - it's available for a free 30 day trial.

I'm afraid I don't have access to that version of Internet Explorer on my end for testing - but hopefully testing it on the other servers will give us a clue as to whether or not it's an issue with that version, or how the content is being hosted on the LMS.


John Lemay

HI Christine,
                      thank you for your help.  I've just found the issue with IE.  

For the endpoint parameter,  Apparently IE must have the full URL.

So, the endpoint parameter must be endpoint=http://servername/in/rest/inLearning instead of endpoint=/in/rest/inLearning,   

Here is the post where I found the solution.