If you've taken a look at Storyline 360, what do you think of the new Content Library?

Nov 09, 2016

I'm sort of head over heels for the new 360 Content Library (new illustrated and photographic characters and, beeeautiful new templates!) - but I'm curious about what others think of it.

Can you see yourself using these new assets too? I'm don't normally use built-in templates, but these are by far the best I've ever seen.

What do you think?

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Jackie Van Nice

Right, Trina??

I was doing the visual design for a new project last night and looking for ideas for one particular type of screen, and the first (and nearly only) thing that came to mind was "Hey! I could look at the screen templates in 360 for inspiration!"

How often does that happen with built-in templates?

I'm so happy. :-D

Ulises Musseb

Yes and no. Yes, sometimes I use templates, but no, because I always use the templates as a starting point for highly customized projects. I've never seen a template that can accommodate for all the things I want to do in a given project, so I use them more as inspiration and idea generating tools than as content repositories.

In my case, using templates doesn't make things faster, as I always change pretty much everything, and I guess I'm not using them for what they may be meant for, but that's just how I use them. I can see how it can be a time saver in other circumstances.

For graphic resources we have subscriptions from other sources and by now we have downloaded quite a few thousands of images. Same thing with characters.

Unfortunately, when I compare the cost of 360 with the combined cost of using all the decentralized tools we use for the same purposes, it's still more financially feasible to remain decentralized.

FasterCourse Templates

I think the new templates look great, as representing template development company, I can say these are by far the best we have seen, maybe except some of ours. Really good level, not sure what is the plan, will Articulate continue adding them, because otherwise with built-in templates they will get over used and when viewing a course you will immediately know where they came from. But otherwise great job!

Ken Cook

Funny you should ask. I get an error from storyline and nothing happens. Doesn't matter what slide I try. I'm using the trail version and the first templete is the only one available. Nothing but an error message asking me to describe exactly what I was doing when the error occured.

So far, not impressed.

edit: Closed down sl 360, reloaded and the feature worked. Not sure what happened before. Courses look interesting. Can you load those templetes into Rise?


Kay Fenton

I am loving the content library but have a question.  Have created some slides using a theme (Journey theme) and now want to add a True/False question but there is no option under Graded Questions to add this type when using the Content Library.  I can only add Freeform questions or Multiple Choice.  I don't get any option to access other types of questions when in the Content Library and I can't see any way to access the standard built in graded questions.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kay,

Thanks for reaching out here and sharing a link to that image as well. Yes, I do see that you can only add a multiple choice currently - but technically you could just add two possible answers and use that as a T/F type of question. We're continuing to add new slides, designs and templates within content library so it seems that we just didn't get to that question type yet! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rachel,

I'm sorry to hear you've run into difficulty downloading the templates, and it's not an issue I've experienced myself or seen a lot of here, so I'd want to get you working with our Support Engineers ASAP so that we can figure out what's causing the hiccups in you getting access to those. There are only certain templates and characters as a part of the free trial - so if you're still on that you would only be able to use the Velocity template and  characters available in the trial include: Brandon, Lily, Andrew, Laura, Atsumi, Al, Arthur, and Marilyn.

Ken Cook

Still not over the sticker shock and the anger is still fresh. That being said, I do love this thing. I'm a one man show and I'm doing what I do for the love of my profession (Respiratory Therapy). I get paid weather I do these special education projects or not. I wanted to give back to my profession something because it has given me and my family so much in the last 40 years. My hospital just laid off people so they'll be no buying anything like this. This is all on me and it hurts.


The feature that I really like is Articulate Review. My bosses can review my project and give comments without me having to drive 30 minutes and set up to show them. I know many of you professionals have this kind of thing already set up, but for guys like me it is a God send. One thing that is really important that I really didn't catch from the previews and advertising is that once the client makes a feedback comment in review an email is generated back to you so you know the feedback almost immediately. Great feature.

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