Illustrations not scaling to placeholder

I have an odd issue.

I have a master slide with a content placeholder.  When I drop a photo file from the content library it scales perfectly when I drop an illustration in, it cuts off parts of the illustration.

Anyone else have this issue?  Ironically if I snag the image and then reimport it as a file it works perfectly.

Screenshot 1 shows how it imports

Screenshot 2 shows how it appears in the library






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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ari!  Unless your placeholder uses the same aspect ratio as the image in Content Library, you may see some vertical cropping.  This is true for both photos and illustrations going into a placeholder.  Storyline scales the image horizontally for placeholders and centers it.

The smaller images are my placeholders:

When inserting the image directly to the slide, Storyline scales the object until it fills the slide either vertically or horizontally.  I'll discuss this behavior with my team since the placeholder behavior is inconsistent and problematic for you!  We'll post any changes here in this discussion.

Crystal Horn

Hi again, Ari.  I need to correct myself.  😳

Images will always scale to fill a placeholder, and crop the rest of the image that overflows the placeholder, whether horizontally or vertically.  Since this is by design, you'll want to choose images that are nearly the same aspect ratio, or insert them directly on the slide.

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This in many ways makes the placeholder a hindrance.  Basically, I'm using it a set of guidelines now rather than a true image placeholder.

Can you send me the link to make a feature request to have the placeholder have an option to fit window rather than scale to fill?