Images on slide layers not appearing

Jun 20, 2016

Hi all, 

I'm having trouble with images on 2 different slidfe layers not appearing. There are 5 layers in total on this slide and images on the other 3 layers are working fine . I can't figure out what this is. I've attached the slide with the issues. 

Any ideas?




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Courtney Keefe

Hi Wendy, 

I have tried deleting and reinserting the image and created a new project file and copied over the slides when I shared them with you on here. In both instances the images are still not showing up. I tried to achieve what I want by inserting a picture into the relevant layer. 

Ideas? This whole project is finished except for this issue, which is happening on 2 layers within this 2 slide.  :( 

Thanks for the help


Wendy Farmer

Hi Courtney

I can't explain what has happened but I had no trouble inserting the pictures and displaying them on the layers.

You'll need to tweak sizing as I just did rough test but they are displaying as expected.

I have hidden your pics on the timeline and added the new ones tagged 'wendy insert'.

Here is updated file.

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