Import powerpoint - object positions are shifted

Feb 24, 2022

hello all,

I am importing (designed and finished) PPT presentations into SL360.

I noticed that object positions are shifted downwards (see screenshot from Powerpoint and same situation in SL). Any idea why this happens and how to solve this? All other objects (text, images) seems to stay in correct position - only this shapes dont.



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Kelly Auner

Hi Sebastjan!

Thank you for providing screenshots. Are you seeing this on every slide or just one? Is it only this specific object that is shifted downward? 

I found this article with tips for importing Powerpoint to Storyline360 that you might find helpful, or you can certainly open a support case with the team!

Phil Mayor

Hi Necj I meant to set the pixel size of the Storyline to match the pixel size of the PPT being imported. For a standard 16:9 PPT that shouldn't be a problem as long as you use the new 16:9 (1280x720) default. But for 4:3 or custom PPT sizes you will need to match it. That way you get the best import and a lot of things do not change. However I find the paragraph settings do not translate well into Storyline, but easily fixed with setting the font styles.

I my opinion it is not a great idea to design it in PPT and then import it creates a reasonable amount of work to make it match in storyline

sebastjan f

thanks for your suggestions.

peer the size of a 16:9 powerpoint is 33.867 x 19.05 cm

using Phil calculation - this gives me 1280x720pxl - which is exactly what I have in Storyline (from the start).

the line spacing/paragraph problem is still there.. Nejc was kind enough to be a witness ;)

sebastjan f

ok - so PPT import doenst import basic fonts spacings, doesnt import object effects, doesnt import ....

Actually - the numbers in SL Paragraphs section are the same as in Powerpoint paragraphs sections - so actually it does import (at least the number) but doesnt work/show

so basically PPT import works "halfway"? oh wait 20%?