Import pptx in Articulate 360 Storyline no longer works

Oct 18, 2021


Myself and other colleagues are experiencing an error when importing a pptx in Articulate 360 Storyline.  It simply gives us an error message "Failed to import pptx presentation".  We have tried all the suggestions in the message box, but none of them give us a solution to our problem.  

We have this error with all my colleagues and with all pptx files.  It is not user related, nor pptx related.  We have also already uninstalled and installed to SW a few times. Nothing works.  I fear that there is an erro in the latest version of the Articulate 360 Storyline sw for importing pptx files.

As we urgently need to import a pptx presentation to create a WBT from, we would grately appreciated a solution.  The workaround we are now trying is to copy and past the content from each individual slides ( around 19) to storyline.

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