Import Quizmaker '13 quizes into Storyline 1

Hi Storyline staff,

Will it be possible to import Quizmaker '13 quizes into Storyline 1.

Trying to import, we get the message "The quiz could not be opened. It appears to be from a newer version of Quizmaker than Storyline supports", although our installed version of Storyline 1 (summer '14) is newer than our installed version of Quizmaker (2013).

Are there still any Storyline 1 updates planned? This import function would be very much appreciated. In fact, it is one of the reasons we bought Quizmaker in the first place.

Thank you

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Freek Birnie

Hi Emily,

Thank you for your suggestion, but as we've arranged our LMS and LRS to work with Storyline 1 tincan output,

we cannot adapt to Quizmaker 13 / Storyline 2 tincan (in case of running courses).

Therefore, we'd like to publish our quiz questions using Storyline 1.

Another idea: is it possible to import Quizmaker '09 questions into Storyline 1? And has Quizmaker '09 the same .txt/.xls import feature as '13? If so, could you profide us with Quizmaker '09? I could give you our Quizmaker '13 serial number, if you wish.

Thank you in advance for your help,


Freek Birnie

Hi Emily,

Storyline 1 has suitable tincan output, but not a .txt/.xls import feature,

Storyline 2 does have the import feature, but an incompatable tincan xml output.

Correction: Quizmaker '09 does not import .xls and .txt, only Quizmaker files.

Is there any way to get around this?

For instance: upload questions in '13, save them backwards compatable with '09 and then export in the 'old' tincan output?

(You might be wondering, why this trouble? The case is, we have many questions in .txt and whe're really dependent on the old, Storyline 1 / Quizmaker '09 tincan output.)

Thank you, Freek