import SL into SL

Hi all, I am intermittently getting the error attached. I am trying to import a SL file into another project. I've completed this fine on at least 4/5 other occasions but this one is proving to be a bit of a problem...any ideas? I have 16MB of memory and the size of the file I am trying to import is 85,384KB. I have imported much larger files with no issue. Thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eric,

Were you trying to import Storyline or Powerpoint? First, you'll want to review the troubleshooting steps here in regards to importing Powerpoint files. 

Next, I'd also confirm that the file your importing, and trying to import to adheres to these general guidelines:

Lastly, if the behavior continues, you'll want to follow all the repair steps here.