Import Storyline to Storyline without Scaling?

Mar 28, 2020

I have models built in one Storyline file at 720 x 540. I want to import them into a file that is 1024 x 768, keeping them the same size.  However when importing, they scale up to the file size that I am bringing them into.  Is there anyway to bring them in at native size vs. having to resize everything once in the new file?

Thank you

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Tyler Braddick


Great question! I've been testing this on my end and when importing files into a Storyline project you cannot adjust the scaling.

However, you can open your new project with 1024 x 768 resolution and the old project in a separate instance. This will allow you to copy and paste objects and slide layers and retain the 720 x 540 resolution and any triggers from the previous project.

If you have multiple layers you can copy and paste those layers into your new project by selecting all or one by one if you choose. 

I do think it would be beneficial to be able to adjust scaling options when importing the file using the import option. This sounds like a great opportunity for a Feature Request!

Jeff Forrer

Thanks Tyler and Athan!  I just remembered that I have done this before! 

If I change the 720 x 540 file to the 1024 x 768 stage size, but do a fill vs. a scale, then save the file, then my interaction will stay the same size as I want and not be scaled, and then the stage will be the size of the file it is going into.  I knew there was a way.  This way everything doesn't need to be copied over, just imported. ;)

After some tests, even with this solution above, everything still gets jumbled no matter how I decide how to fill the stage.  I agree Tyler, it would be a good feature request to be able to import to a new file leaving everything as-is for the item coming in.  Thanks all.


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