import translation - error not a valid word document

Hi all, 

I'm a big fan of the function export and import translation. I don't use it for a translation, but for easy correcting the text. 

But: sometimes it doesn't work to import a word-document, while it still has the same features (still a 93-2003 word document for example). 

I get the error: 'Not a valid word document.' Extremely annoying! is there somebody who knows the solution? It will save me a lot of work and makes me very happy. 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Annemieke,

Have you changed the Word document's settings, format, file name, location? Without seeing the Word doc or corresponding Storyline file - it's difficult to pinpoint it exactly. You'll want to make sure you're following the guidelines here in regards to working locally, adhering to file paths well under the 260 character limit, and file names that don't contain special characters or symbols. Also, please confirm you're following the steps outlined here to translate content and import that translated file into Storyline.