Imported animations built in PPT and exported as videos: some show up in SL2, some don't.

Feb 26, 2016

I just built three little animated objects in PowerPoint, then exported them as videos and imported them into a Storyline project. One imported just fine; the other two are blank. I can't figure out why.

Also: the imports that work still have a large white border to deal with. I can't make it transparent, can't crop it out.

Does this sound like anything anyone has dealt with?


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Lerissa Patrick

Hi Leslie:

Thanks, but I'm not trying to import Powerpoint files.

To recap: I built three animations in PPT and them exported them as videos and imported the videos into SL2.

One video works fine - just as I expected. The other two show up as blanks.

Also - all three have a wide, wide white border. The only way I can get it out of the way is to Send to back, which is okay, but I wonder if there is a way to lose the border or make it transparent.

I've attached the slide.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lerissa!

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing me to take a look, I misunderstood what you were explaining the first time.

This just looks like a placement issue. The items were 'off' the slide when I took a look. If you re-size, you can see the items as expected in preview.

I think just aligning your objects on the slide better will assist.

Lerissa Patrick

Hi Leslie:

No, it's not a placement issue.

If I had placed those two items on the slide, they would have covered nearly all the elements of the slide. I placed them halfway off the slide so it was clear that they are the items I'm trying to insert. I can easily put them full on the slide if you would prefer -- but you can do that as well, right?

Resizing them does nothing. They just become smaller blanks.

If you click the photo of the woman, you will see how wide the border is around her.


Leslie McKerchie

Yes, I am seeing this in your file when I preview. You can choose to crop your videos if you wish, but I understand this will be difficult for the ones with white placeholders and that's why I mentioned alignment.

When inserting a video or a Flash (SWF) file into Articulate Storyline, you may find that the placeholder image for the video or Flash file appears as a white, black, or transparent rectangle. Although the content will work as expected when you publish, this can make it difficult to see the placeholder while you're developing your course in Storyline.

To make it easier to see, right-click the placeholder and select Set Poster Frame, then browse to an image file to use as your placeholder image.

Tip: If you configure the video or Flash file to start when clicked or triggered, learners will see the poster frame image in your published course.

Lerissa Patrick

Cropping doesn't delete the white background. This is a problem, because when the video plays, the object comes to the front and blots out large parts of the slide.

I also went into PowerPoint and made Transparency 100% under Format Slide Background and then exported it again. That didn't have any effect either.

The video on the blank ones does play, as you said it should.

Lerissa Patrick

Thank you.

Please tell me how you did that. My steps (that didn't work): select the video as it appears on the slide; click the Video Tools/Options tab; click the Edit Video icon; use the cropping tool to make it smaller; click the cropping tool to make it "stick."  This did not get me the results that you got. What am I missing?

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