Imported audio files are unusable in SL

Hello. I recorded a bunch of audio in Audacity for a project I'm working on. When I play the audio files in various media players they work fine. When I import them into SL2 the sound is so low that it is unusable. I've tried importing them as MP3 and WAV to no  avail... I've previously used exactly the same method and it worked... what can have changed now... I spent a lot of time on the recordings and am under deadline. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Finn Maigaard

Think the problem is solved. Here's my solution, if anyone experiences the same thing:

Hello. I just experienced the same issue and seem to have fixed it by converting the file from stereo to mono: I re-imported the file into Audacity, then selected "split stereo to mono" from the drop down option immediately to the left of the waveform; then, when I got two waveforms, deleting one of them so I was left with a mono file. Hope that works