Imported SL2 projects in SL360 : export settings


Sorry if this question has already been asked before :

When importing Storyline2 projects into Storyline360, are the original export settings (as saved in SL2) kept unchanged ?

As popular browsers are meant to soon block video autoplay (only SL2 involved ?), we have a massive load of projects to export again ... Not having to readjust video compression and other parameters would make our pain sweeter ;)

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Bertrand.  For the autoplay issue, we released updates to get everyone's courses ready to comply with browser autoplay rules.  Every version was impacted, and we sent an email to Storyline 2 customers to let them know that an update was available.  We didn't want anyone in our base to miss that important release.

Good news about your quality and compression settings:  Storyline 360 should maintain the settings on your upgraded projects!  Whatever you've set in the video tools for compression, as well as in the publishing quality window, will be the same when you publish your course in 360.

Let me know if you're seeing something different.  Thanks for the thoughtful question!