Imported Video Continues to Play

Jan 29, 2013


I've imported an Mp4 video into a SL project. When published, I noticed that if I go to the next slide without the video finishing, the audio continues (even though i'm no longer on the slide with the video). 

Can anyone help with this? 



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Leslie,

Do you have your slides set to advance automatically, or by the user? You could try adding a trigger to "Stop media" when the timeline ends, if it's advancing automatically. If it's advancing by user, maybe a trigger for the "Next" button with the same function would work.

If that doesn't keep the audio from playing when you move to the next slide, are you able to share your project's .STORY file, so I can take a look?


Ian Moir


I had the same issue and have had to add triggers to each slide and layer.

This does become quite a labourious task when you have 15+ slides and several layers. Are there any plans for an update which will make the each audio clip stop automatically without the need for triggers? I can't think of any situation where I would want the audio to continue when I've moved off a slide (maybe if you have several layers explaining the same point with charts etc. - however these would be limited I think).



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