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Aug 16, 2012


We have been asked to make periodic changes to an Articulate Studio project, which has been produced by an external organisation.

We've had a look at the Studio vs. Storyline comparison, and if we're going to purchase either of your products then Storyline suits our needs far better. We've downloaded the trial for this, and tried to import the Studio project (which your FAQs page - - says we can do). When I do this I get an error message "you must have Engage installed on this system". Is there really no way to import these Engage projects without having to buy Studio as well?



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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sam, You can import the pptx files but if your Presenter project uses Engage then you need to have Engage installed on your machine.

I think you can buy Engage as a stand alone product (at least you could at one point) if you don't want to buy Studio.

If you remove the Engage portions from presenter - you can import the rest of the presentation into Storyline.

There are a few templates in Storyline that you can use to recreate some of the Engage interactions and there are many different ways that you can create interactions in Storyline - so if you are not using a lot of Engage interactions, I would suggest just removing them and then using the features in Storyline to either recreate them or giving them a different creative treatment. 

Sam C

Thanks for your reply Nancy!

I tried again with a trial of Studio 09 installed and the whole thing is a bit of a user experience mess.

If anyone from Articulate is reading this, please amend your "Can I import projects created in Articulate Studio products into Storyline?" FAQ ( so that people are aware that you need to have Studio installed to be able to do an import. I nearly bought Storyline based on this FAQ.

Thanks again, 


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sam, there are some challenges with repurposing Presenter content into Storyline but if you stick with it you will find that Storyline is a great tool to work with. Even though you are not entirely happy right now, I don't think you make a bad decsion in buying Storyline.

Please post if you are having specific issues with the import - people in this community will help you solve the probem.

Darren McNeill

It kind of defeats the purpose of saying you can import Studio projects into Storyline, but you need the Studio products still to be installed. If that is the case, then Storyline is not required.

The main requirement we have is that we have a lot of legacy content in our system that was created with older versions of Articulate Studio, and the new content is created with either Storyline or Captivate. When a course created in Studio starts to have issues due to new browser requirements etc, it is required to test these courses and try to either fix them or, have to completely rebuild them, at a cost.

So if Storyline could import a project for updating purposes, as the older versions of Studio are not available, or the newest one, it would improve workflow.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Darren -- Thanks for reaching out here! Apologies if I am not clear on what you are trying to do, but Storyline allows you to leverage existing content that was developed in PowerPoint / Articulate Presenter. To learn how to import presentations, please see Storyline 2: Importing Slides from PowerPoint

If a presentation has Articulate resources, such as audio or video, the PPTA file must be in the same folder as the PowerPoint file, and they must have the same file name. However, Presenter does not need to be installed to import content into Storyline 2.

There are a few other elements that won't be brought over in the import such as players, and here also is a general list of items to consider when importing Powerpoint files in StorylineHope that helps! 

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