Importing excel file into quiz, with bold or italic features in questions and answers

Hi all,

I have 200 quizzes to import in SL. Around 1500 questions.
Excel's files are ready for importation, and it works.

BUT, I have some HTML tag (like <b>word</b>) in questions and answers.
I need to keep the format and transfer it to the quiz.

It doesn't work that way, as you know, but is there a way to "mark" in Excel what should be bold and transfer it to SL in the process of importation ?
Some kind of other markers (ie :   _b_word_b_  ) ? some hidden possibilities ?
That would save me about two months of work....
Thank you for your help.


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John Say

Hi Phillippe!

I have an idea of how to "mark" the words to be formatted in your Excel file and be able to format those words to Bold.  This procedure below seems to work based on my simple tests.

1) In your Excel file, "mark" the words to be formatted with a unique set of characters. I used "bbb" before and after the words to be bolded like "bbbUnited Statesbbb". 
2) Import your Excel file with questions into Storyline.
3) Go to File > Translation > Export to Word.
4) In Word, use wildcards to find words that start and end with bbb. Use this for example in Find: <(bbb)*(bbb)>
5) On the Replace tab, click on the blank for "Replace with" and add click on the Format button and select bold formatting and then click on "Replace All".  This should apply bold on all the matches. 
6) Using the Find and Replace feature, remove all instances of "bbb".
7) Save and close the Word file and then import it back into Storyline. Go to File > Translation > Import.

It may be easier to follow my screen recording below:

Please do let me know if that works for you!