Styling Variable Text

May 14, 2013

I'm producing a file with closed captions based on the wonderful example provided by Steve Flowers (, which uses variables for the captioned text.  It's wonderful, except I've hit one small snag.  In my project, text styling -- like bold and italics -- are important conventions.  Is there any way to selectively bold words within a text variable?    I tried using HTML markup (<b> and <strong&gt, but Storyline displayed the code instead of rendering it.

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Brian Allen

Hi Sharon, welcome to the community!

It is a pretty cool example...  

I just took a look at Steve's story file and on slide 1.2, rectangle 3 he is formatting text within the variable using the same sort of html markers you mention above.

The formatting seems to work in the example he published, but when I preview and/or publish I'm seeing the same thing you describe, the formatting doesn't seem to work.  I would suggest posting in the original thread and see if you can get Steve's thoughts on it

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