Importing in translated document- not finding Word doc?

Apr 20, 2018

I'm trying to import Spanish translations into a storyline (Storyline 3)project. I've saved the Word doc yet when I browse for the file (File-Translations-Import) I cannot see the Word doc- it is not showing in list of documents (yet it is there!). Help - working on tight deadlines and this is critical to finishing.

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William Hirsch

Hi Rachelle,

While we can't see the entire list of files on your Desktop, we'll work off the assumption that it's not simply further down on the list.  

Can you verify that the document you're trying to import wasn't saved as a docx file (which cannot be imported as far as I know)?  Based on your screenshot, I think you may not be displaying file extensions in Windows explorer, which means the actual file name you're looking at could be something like seg_Spanish.doc.docx, but you're only seeing the file name (without the extension) which is seg_Spanish.doc.

The attached screenshots may clarify how a docx file (the _en file with the white-on-blue W in the icon) won't be shown on the import screen even if it is in the folder.  They'll also show how you can select the option in Windows Explorer's View tab so that you can display extensions and correct the file name.  To correct the file type however, you'll need to open the docx file in Word, Save As, then select the proper format (doc).

Let me know if this helps or if you're still having trouble.



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