Importing interactive HTML5 content to Storyline2 (e.g. from Adobe Animate CC)

Apr 09, 2016

A SWF/HTML issue from another perspective ...

I have always looked upon Articulate products as perfect for scalable solution. Interactivity that could not be achieved in Presenter or frame based animations in combination with Storyline could be produces in other programs and embedded in the Articulate tool as swf files. Thus more complex content could be used when necessary.

Is it possible to produce frame based animations and interactive parts in, for instance Adobe Animate CC, publish it from Animate CC as HTML5 and then embed it into a Storyline production. The result should then show the animations, let the user interact whit it in a controlled way as is possible with imported swf inte Storyline today.

I would be most grateful for any advice in this matter.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Alison,

I understand that it can be confusing. 

To clarify, those are the scenarios we support:

  1. Hosting your web object online
  2. Having an index file locally to point to

Were you able to take a look at the first option of hosting online to see if that worked as expected for you?

Outside of the options documented, we may have community solutions like Joy shared above, and I'm glad that was able to work for you.

Alison Coops

My html file is not hosted online. The html file does not have be be named
index. Naming it index doesn't make it visible in the dialog box. I was
bringing in an Animated clip that I had created in Animate CC. I couldn't
find any documentation anywhere except for Joy's document. It worked


*Alison *

Katie Riggio

Hi Alex,

I'm happy to jump in!

In Storyline 360 Updates 34 and earlier, the published output always included these _flash and/or _html5 files:

•  index_lms_flash.html
•  index_lms_html5.html
•  story_flash.html
•  story_html5.html

In Updates 35 and later, the published output only includes these files when you choose to include both HTML5 and Flash formats. We made this change to simplify the published output. For more details, check out this resource.

Next Steps

Can I have you try the story.html file that you outlined in your screenshot? Let me know how it goes!

Claire Bradshaw

Hi all - following these notes a few remarks 

1) The Animate content must be in a folder at the same folder level at the story file 

 2) As Alison said, the folder containing the animation must have the html file as index.html or htm

3) So far I haven't been able to get interactive content to work.

I'm going to go freelance possibly soon and a lot of people are asking for Storyline but with flash about to die, the primary fall back is html5 in Animate. I hope you can work on getting these two to work together fully soon. Had good experience in the past with yourselves getting new features inserted - this needs working on. Especially with the death of Flash Dec 31st 2020. 

Josh Evans

Oh no Claire - I currently have a client that is asking me to implement their interactive sims into storyline exe files but have encountered the same issue. Months of creating these projects potentially worthless by the sounds of things :( Did you ever get/ find a resolution to this?