Importing PowerPoint to Storyline

Nov 04, 2013

Hi all,

I've searched just about everywhere and my issue doesn't seem to quite fit exactly with the others that I've seen on here.

I'm on Windows 7 running PowerPoint 2007 and I keep getting a "failed to import" error when I attempt to import slides.

I've done the following:

  • Run as administrator
  • repaired office
  • ran windows updates
  • installed the compatibility pack eventhough I'm only running a single version
  • rebooted
  • tried to run the import locally opposed to over a network
  • tried to import a different PPT file

The only thing I have left to try is uninstalling and reinstalling Storyline. Storyline works fine otherwise, so I'm not sure this will fix the issue. Unfortunately, I have to coordinate this with my IT dept. rather than being able to do it myself.... so until then I wait.

Anyone have a magic wand that'll fix this?

I'd really prefer not to copy & paste every text box in Storyline... but I'll have to if this isn't fixed soon.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa, 

You mentioned trying to import locally, are all your files currently on a network drive? Working on a network drive or usb can cause erratic behavior within Storyline - so you'll want to ensure that your Storyline files and your Powerpoint files are all on your local drive when you're working with them. The next step I'd suggest in case you were working off of a network drive is to begin by importing your Storyline course into a new Storyline project, and then follow the guidelines here to insert Powerpoint into Storyline. 

Lisa Pastoor

Hi Ashley,

My Storyline project is local. I've tried both importing via network and locally. I've also tried importing into a new project and still no luck.

Articulate support was able to import the file I have into a project and sent me the story file... I still can't do it on my machine.

Hopefully when my IT dept. re-installs Storyline it will be fixed.

Crossing my fingers. I don't think that Articulate support is going to want to import slides for me every time I need it.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the update. Definitely odd that you are working locally and still have difficulty importing new slides. Is it just Powerpoint slides, or can you not import a Storyline file either into a new Storyline project? 

The directions on how to repair Storyline are here, and while you're at it with IT I'd have them do a repair on your supporting Windows software as well. 

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