Importing Template into New scene - does not work the same after importing, please help!


This is my first time posting, I hope someone can help me! I have been trying to import a template that I downloaded from articulate into my course in Storyline 360. Attached is the template. I would like to add it as a new scene in my project. However, whenever I do so, the template does not work how it should as it does in the attached file- the continue button on the 'correct' layers, which are supposed to bring the learner back to the lock dial to put in the combination, do not work. I compared the triggers/variables etc. to the original to the one I imported into my project, and they all match, so I am really confused. Attached is the template. I am a total noobie so I really hope it's something simple I am missing. 

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Serena,

Happy to help here! 

I reviewed your story and it appears to be working as intended. When I went through the slides and would see the correct layer, the continue button would take me to the Lock slide to enter in the code. Here is a video of how the course played for me: 

Is this the expected behavior? If you are seeing something different, could I have you share a screen recording of the issue?