Including Hint in a Drag-and-Drop quiz

Mar 09, 2015

How can I add a Hint (or Hint layer?) to suggest one of the possible correct paths in a drag-and-drop quiz? That would "seed" the interaction and encourage the reader to emulate the hinted action with another drag object.

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Ugur Akinci

Emily, thanks a lot. You are terrific! But what I really had in mind was this set up:

1) There is a permanent button on the basic layer that is labelled "Give me a hint." That's very easy to do of course. But here is the hard part of what I'm trying to do:

2) When the "Give me a hint" button is clicked, I want one of the draggable objects move along a motion path to its intended target (and stay there -- see #3 below for another variation). How can I do that in a layer that is revealed when the hint button is clicked since the new layer would not have any of the draggable objects and targets of the base layer ?

3) A further complication would be for the dragged object to return to its original spot at the end of the "hint sequence" so that everything reverts back to the original arrangement of all draggable objects.

Many thanks for your kind interest and help. Ugur

Ugur Akinci

Emily, can I change the state of the dragged object (like changing its shape or color) when the object reaches its target at the end of the motion path?  I tried to create a certain trigger but it ended up changing the state of the dragged object at the origin point. I want to change it at the destination/target point instead.

Ugur Akinci

Sure. I appreciate the offer. Here it is :-)

When you press the "Give me a hint!" button, I'd like the D object animate as a BLACK object and turn to RED when it reaches its target. Then I'd like the animation disappear and everything go back to the original state (diagram), with D reverting back to BLACK color as it was in the beginning.

But the way it is, after I press the HINT button, the D object starts as a RED object in the animation and ends up as a RED object when the animation ends.

And I cannot locate the "DragEnds" state for the D object in the trigger drop-down list either.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Emily Ruby

Hi Ugar!

In the hint caption layer, you had the item set to be in DragEnds as its initial state. I changed this to normal, and now it is working as expected. The DragEnds is showing in the dropdown menu now in the triggers.

Also, i do see you are using the Drop Correct built in state. For this, you do not need to add triggers to make them appear. You can just leave as is. 

On the hint layer, if you do not want the Base Layer D item to appear and stay black when the other item moves, you can have that state set to Hidden when the layer shows. And then have it set back to normal when the layer hides. Just an option :)

Attached is a file.

Ugur Akinci

Emily, thanks a lot. On the hint layer, the Base Layer D item does not appear anyways even though it was not set to Hide (as you kindly suggested as an option). That is, when the Hint Layer D object starts to move towards its target, its place is left empty. How come? Why doesn't the Base Layer D object continue to display as a BLACK object during the animation?

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