Incomplete status after survey question

Can anyone explain why my test doesn't work? My results aren't being reported to the LMS. I'm trying to report a multiple answer and a text extry variable to the LMS. I found an article online that explained out to do that and I downloaded the file (get-user-info.story). That one works beautifully. What did I do wrong? My story file is attached.



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Lisa Heyden

Hi Leslie,

Yes, the only issue I still have is how to see the answers in Scorm Cloud for the Pick Many. I just get the letter i, which is meaningless. I'm not sure what the purpose of the Pick Many would be if the results don't end up in the LMS.

If I'm not able to get them to show up - is there a way to put them in a variable or something? Then I can report the variable the way I'm doing it now.

Thanks for your help!