Inconsistency in course?

Hi everyone-

I just launched another course for my company and have had two students complete courses with no problem.  Others are complaining that some questions are not allowing them to select an answer.  One woman has worked all day, tried different computers, etc. and can't answer several of the questions.  Anyone have an idea why this could be happening?  She's required to complete the course to maintain her teaching certification and is pretty stressed out about this.  Thanks!

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Matthew Bibby

It could be a PEBCAK error*, although it might be related to the browser they are using or the LMS settings (e.g., the LMS may think the user has already completed the training therefore won't accept any more answers). 

* I once spent three hours troubleshooting a similar issue with a learner only to have them say "Oh, I didn't see the Submit button there, do I need to press that for my answers to count?"