"Incorrect" Message Bar Appears When Reviewing Quiz Questions

I created a quiz using both free form and form-based questions, and used a question bank. On the Quiz Results slide, I have included the "Review Quiz" button, which allows me to review the correct answers to the quiz after taking it. However, when I click through to review each question, at the very bottom of each screen, I am seeing a 3/4-inch tall solid red bar that contains the word "Incorrect". This message appears on each of the question review screens, regardless of whether I answered the question correctly or not. I can click on the X on each of these messages to make each one go away, but I find it confusing and annoying. I tried including a "Post Quiz Review" feedback message (in the quiz form), but the "Incorrect" message bar still appears. Why is this message bar appearing, and is there any way to make it not appear?

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Paul Schafer

Hi Wendy

Thank you for the quick reply. When I clicked on the attached video, I got a message saying that the file could not be opened because it had been corrupted. Is there another way I can view it? Also, can you submit this "Incorrect" message issue to the Articulate group responsible for revisions to future Storyline software updates (for a possible fix)?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jennifer.  Thanks for reaching out.  In the post quiz review, you should be seeing both Incorrect and Correct feedback at the bottom of each slide.  Are you seeing only "Incorrect," even when you've answered the questions correctly?

We can help figure out why that is happening.  Which version of Storyline are you using?  Also, is that happening in the published output?  And are you hosting your course in an LMS or on the web?  If you can attach the .story file for testing, that would really be helpful for us to test on our end!

Jennifer Clarke

Hi - thanks for the response. I'm using SL 2 still because that's what my client has.

I get only and incorrect bar on every slide, regardless of how it's answered. It happens both in preview and published output. The course will be hosted inside an LMS.

Ideally, I don't want the bar at all, correct or incorrect.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Jennifer

I'm responding to the incorrect banner displaying on all questions even correct ones.

Change the quiz slide property from 'reset to initial state' to 'automatically decide'

to remove the bar you would need to overlay a white shape that covers the banner when the learner reviews quiz. Also a variable 'review' that is set when the learner clicks the review quiz button and a layer to display when the learner is reviewing.  

See attached update to your first quiz slide on review.