Incorrect Slide Layer - Continue button and feedback not populating

Mar 26, 2024

Good morning,

We've discovered an issue in a quiz built in Articulate Storyline.  For one particular multiple choice question, the Incorrect slide layer does not display the Continue button or the feedback message. Please see image attached.

All other questions, both True/False and Multiple Choice display the Incorrect layer as expected.  I've tried copying a Multiple Choice slide that does work, and when I change the question, selections, and feedback, the same issue is happening.  

I've checked the Master Slide, and this doesn't appear to be the root cause.  

Has this behavior been seen before? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!



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Brad Glenn

Hi Ron,

Thanks so much! I appreciate the assist.  I was able to recreate the slide for quiz question #2 by adding a new multiple choice graded question and typing the feedback rather than copying and pasting.

Over the years, I've always copied and pasted the text from the successful layer feedback into the unsuccessful layer to keep the same language, and I've never encountered this bug.

After updating the quiz with the corrected slide, I then discovered the quiz results slide was not functioning correctly. Both the Success and Failure Layers were no longer pulling the score. Please see attached image.  I was able to fix this issue by copying and pasting the quiz results slide from another course.


Brad Glenn