Initial Trigger States

Aug 10, 2023

I have a scene where I disable a "Home button" that allows a person to return to the home screen, to proceed through the course, until they have clicked to view a document in that scene.

The variables and states that control all of this work perfect.

However, if the viewer chooses to replay the scene, to relisten to its audio using the seekbar, the "Home Button" reverts to its Initial Disabled state, and the viewer cannot leave that scene. The variable that originally worked to change the state is basically ignored when doing a replay.

Is the solution to somehow trigger a second 'Initial' state somehow? 

Here's a screen shot for you to mull over. Thanks!

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Judy Nollet

Check the Slide Properties. If those show "Reset to initial state," that would revert the Home Button back to Disabled when the user returns to the slide. The easy fix is to switch to "Resume saved state." 

BTW, after the variable = True, the variable doesn't change anymore. So that "when" doesn't happen again. 

Here's another way to do this:

  • Keep the initial state of the button Normal.
  • Add a trigger that changes it to Disabled when the timeline starts with the condition that the variable = False.
    • After the variable is changed to True, that trigger won't run again.

If you're still having problems, I suggest you upload a copy of the .story file, with just the slides involved in the issue. That will make it easier for someone to troubleshoot.