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Oct 04, 2023

Hi there,

I'm quite new to the platform.

I am working on a project where we creating an escape room game into an e-learning. In the e-learning, the participant must respond to a text message on a smartphone. The participant is asked to answer Yes or No. I would like to show a different slide layer once the participant answers Yes or No. This is where I get stuck. Help!! ;-)

What i already created;

- Data entry text box for the participant to respond on the text message

- A reference text box to show the response from the participant

- Two different slide layers (one in case the participant answer with a Yes, than it should be send to the slide layer A and one for all other kind of reactions, than it should be send to slide layer B)

It seems that i can't find the right trigger combinations to respond on the participants text input.

Hopefully you can help me. If it helps.. i attached a screenshot of the scene.

Ralph Rouwen


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Catherine Gorman

Hi Ralph,

You should be able to use conditional triggers to get this functionality! (ex. Show layer yes when the variable JaNee changes if variable = yes. else show layer no.) 

Although, since this is a yes/no question having a user input field instead of yes/no buttons does open it up for user error (ex. accidentally adding a space before or after, typing synonyms like sure, typos etc). Do you have a planned response for if the user inputs something other than yes/no?

Ralph Rouwen

Hi Catherine,

Thank you for your response. As for your question, the expectation is that the user will answer 'yes' (because this continues the e-learning), but of course it is also possible to answer differently. In that case, I want to lead the user to a 'game over' page with a 'no' or random other answer. To help the user enter the correct answer, I have included an expectation in the text message, namely 'I hope you will say yes'. My idea is that this makes it somewhat clear. I also considered the option of working with 'yes' and 'no' buttons, but I hoped that there would be a solution so that it becomes more of a text message conversation. I'm going to try your tip and let you know ASAP if it worked :-). Thank you very much in advance for your efforts.

Jean Marc Laumond

Good morning

it is also possible to ask the question again if the answer is different of yes or no. it is necessary to create a variable which corresponds to the answer given and to test whether it corresponds to yes or no or something else. In this third case we ask the question again specifying yes or no as in a normal dialogue.

Math Notermans

The biggest issue with things like this is that default Storyline doesnot have a condition to check for 'if string contains'. Thus an answer like JA might be correct, but JA! will fail if not adding conditions for that.

As you can see in this image adding if/then/or conditions in Storyline will rapidly count up.


Solution for that is a simple Javascript trigger that checks whether a variable holds a proper string...but as a beginner that might be tough ;-)

Adding the quick mockup for you...

En uiteraard had dat ook allemaal in het Nederlands gekund ;-)

Jean Marc Laumond


I made you a little example.
first slide you enter yes no or other word
second slide I tell you your answer
third slide when you clic on goto we have a look and go to the good slide with trigger.
be careful the order of the triggers is important
I hope I've helped you. Java is therefore not necessarily useful

Nedim Ramic

If your instructions are clear enough, then you can try this. I used an essay type of slide so I can limit the response length of characters to 3 (to cover the "YES" response). This way I don't have to worry that the learner will type what ever it comes to his/her mind. If the response is anything but "YES" or "NO" (ignore case), the error layer will show for a 2 seconds to visually inform the learner that the response is invalid. If the response is "YES", the "YES" layer will show; the "NO" layer will show if the response is "NO". Check my example below:

Ralph Rouwen

Hi Math,

Wow, thanks for the mock-up. I'm going to take a closer look at this one. Nice to meet a Dutch person too ;-).

What you say is absolutely true and also the struggle to arrange this properly. I also imagine, as a rookie, that this will be a nice first version from which I can definitely learn a lot :-).

Thanks man!