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Jul 09, 2012

Has anybody else had trouble with the input text on mobile?  I've tested mine on android and my keypad won't pop up when I click the input box.  Might just be my phone....

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Bill Harnage

Yeah, I posted  on this subject not long ago -

Are you viewing the flash version of your course?

I've tested a Flash course with the stock browser, Dolphin, Opera and Chrome on 3 different Droid tablets and have had the same results - the key board will not open w/ text fields.  Between that and working with someone at Articulate I believe this is an Android problem with Flash.

But if someone finds an answer or work around, I'd like to know what they find.

Peter Anderson

Hey guys,

Some of these points were brought up in the case Bill submitted as a result of his thread. Flash didn't implement support for virtual keyboards until Flash Player 10.1. So if you're in the Flash version, you might want to check and see what version of the Flash player is installed on the device. And the keyboard being used may play into it as well, e.g. native Android keyboard, custom keyboard, Samsung keyboard, swipe keyboard, etc. Best results would be expected from the native keyboard.

Other than that, it's an issue that our QA team is working on and we'll post any updates as we get them, so thanks for the thread.

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