Insert\photographic character will not display the full list

Mar 04, 2014

When I insert a photographic character, it will only display the previous selected character. It will not display the full list for me to choose from. How do I display the full list so that I can select a new character? (The link to more characters takes me to the website for purchasing characters, which is not what I want.)

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Rosalind Martin

Thanks Adam for your reply.

  • Unfortunately, when I select Pose I only get the different poses for that one character. I cannot see the 20 female and 20 male photographic characters. 
  • I'm only seeing two tabs (Character and Pose). I'm not seeing the Expressions tab. 
  • The Character tab only displays the one character, not the full list of characters, as it should.  
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rosalind,

The trial version is a full version of the software, so using either one should behave the same. You mentioned only seeing the Pose and Character tab, which for a photographic character is all you'd see at first. Then you can go into Pose and you'll see different expressions with that character and poses - you'll also be able to choose headshot, torso or full at the bottom right.  If you're missing the character list and have purchased the other photographic characters (As Adam mentioned, Atsumi comes with Storyline, but the others are a separate bundle) and you're unable to access them I'd suggest conducting a repair of Storyline. 

Rosalind Martin

Hi Ashley, thought you might be interested to know of the solution that was applied to fix the problem of not being able to insert photographic characters from the 8-character pack, paid for in our license. For some reason, Articulate Storyline could not find the relevant file. MicroWay in Sydney (our license provider) sent instructions to re-download the character bundle (with the relevant serial number) and to upgrade to Articulate Storyline 5. A new activation code was entered - as provided in an email from Articulate Storyline Support. This resulted in a successful outcome where I can now insert the photographic characters.

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