Inserting a PDF File into Storyline

I would like to insert a one page PDF into a Storyline course and then add two buttons, and a trigger for each button. I would like participants to be able to view the file, which I may need to do a screenshot and insert picture. Here is where I'm running into a problem. I want to add two buttons; one that will allow the participant the ability to save the file to their computer, the second button would allow the participant the ability to print the file. Or maybe a button that would allow them to email the file to themselves.

I'm not able to save the file to a shared drive and add a trigger to link to a url. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate anything you can do for me.

Thank you,

Ricky Fowler  

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Michael Hinze

This is a rather 'low-tech' option and may not work for you, but you could add these buttons directly into the pdf file. If you have access to Adobe Acrobat (not the reader, the actual doc management software) you can easily add rudimentary links/buttons to the pdf file and have them execute menu functions, such as Print and Save. See this quick example. Hopefully, others have better ideas but at a last resort, it might just do the trick.

Brett Rockwood

You don't convert the PDF to html. You need to upload the PDF to a web server somewhere. Then use the URL of the PDF on the web server as your web object link. If you make your web object full screen, i.e., covering the entire Storyline screen, your PDF will load seemlessly in your player. It will be fully interactive so any buttons you put in the PDF will function as you designed them.

Steve Lee

I use a few pdfs in Storyline.

If you create a button, and then link it to the pdf you want, the pdf file will be saved along with the storyline file. It is saved in a folder called "Story Content" as a subfolder called "external Files".

Unless you choose to disable saving and printing (in Acrobat Pro), the end user should be able to perform those functions with the saved pdf automatically.

when the user clicks on the button you created,l the pdf should open in a web browser. It can then be saved and printed from there.

This case does not need Web servers, and will work with exe files and html5 Storyline outputs.

The use will save the pdf to their own machine, and print from there.


Michael Hinze

Steve, that's true. I assumed Ricky wanted to make sure that users who are not as technology savy  would be able to save and print a pdf. It may be hard to believe for technology folks like us, but there are lots of users who not necessarily know how to save/print a pdf from within a browser window.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stefanie! We'll be happy to help you. 

Can you share a bit more about what is not working? It may also help if you can post your .story file so that we can take a look and test it out. If you're unable to share the file here in the forums, our Support team is also happy to take a look privately. 

Veronique Grenier

Hi! I have added PDF files to Resoures and also a button on the slide with a link to the files in Resources. I had to create it in both English and French. It works in the English version but not the French one. Could it have anything to do with the title of the file having accents and ' . I had tested in Scorm Cloud and worked fine but once uploaded in the LMS, I have a error message saying the file is not available or the link was broken. Help please! :)

Rebecca Hayes

I am inserting the pdf (which is housed on an outside commercial website) as a web object, and when I test the link it works. But when I publish the project, it does not show the pdf or a link, or anything. I would be glad to just insert the pdf file, but I can't seem to do that. Any suggestions?