Inserting a Slide number text box breaks course Preview and Publish

Jun 05, 2020

Hello, just a word of warning in case this is a universal issue, I've just found that a course that has been fine up to now suddenly won't preview or publish - it just hangs.

All I've done since i was working was changed a few alt texts for accessibility and renamed the file. So not sure why the course has suddenly broken.

But in opening a previous version using the above text box, that now doesn't Preview either.

In investigating, I deleted a text box using the 'new' Insert slide number page numbering function using %Scene.SlideNumber% of %Scene.TotalSlides%

If I change it to %Project.SlideNumber% of %Project.TotalSlides% it works!

So I have to now go and change all 22 slides! Hmmmm.... great Friday afternoon error!

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Katie Riggio

Hi Steven,

Thanks for sharing what you're seeing, and I'm sorry for the trouble!

It sounds like that variable could be causing the hiccup. What Storyline 360 update are you using?

Also, are you comfortable with uploading your file through this secure link for testing? If this is a bug we can recreate, we're ready to report it so we can begin looking at the next steps!

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