Problem with styling questions in Storyline Update 7

Jan 28, 2016

I've been dressing up my Storyline Questions by styling the text boxes that hold the answer choices. This has been working fine until I installed Update 7. Suddenly my quiz questions have gone south. On the project that I've been working on, the text has gone crazy. It's as though there is another layer of the same text that is offset horizontally (see attached image SL_question_update7.png). It's not visible when viewed in Storyline, but appears in the preview and publish.

I tried building a question from scratch and just changing the background color of the text box causes one of the boxes to disappear. It's somewhat random: sometimes it's the first box, other times it's the third box. Again, everything looks fine within Storyline (SL_question.png), but the preview and publish are wrong (SL_question_preview.png).

Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas? I have a project with 11 questions that I need to fix.

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Heidi Wormser

I think I've stumbled upon a solution. I had applied an animation to the set of answers -- I set them to fade in by paragraph. Before I upgraded, this worked fine. The answers came in one at a time and the type appeared correctly. However, after I installed Upgrade 7, the type got messed up as I mentioned above. Removing the "by paragraph" option from the animation seems to have resolved the problem.  Oddly, if I leave the animation option as "by paragraph", but set the answers to shuffle, the problem also goes away.

I've attached a stripped down version of the file with the fade by paragraph so you can see what I'm talking about. I also created a question from scratch in the Upgrade 7 version of SL with the same results, so it's not simply a conversion issue.

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