Inserting Flash into Storyline

Oct 28, 2013

I would like to reuse some content from our Marketing Department as a brief overview/introduction to a course that teaches how to use and configure - I am starting by just inserting their flash video into storyline - one slide only - and publishing - everything looks great until I try to view it on my ipad.

Should this work?

We use Moodle as our course delivery system.  It plays fine on my PC but when I try to play it on my iPad I get the following error using the Articulate Player after clicking Launch...

Cannot Download Content

Articulate Mobile Player cannot download the content because one or more files cannot be found.

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Lynn,

Unfortunately, swf files inserted into to Storyline to play on the iPad will not work. This is an Apple decision and not a Storyline deficiency. 

Because Apple doesn't allow Flash on iPads, Articulate created the Mobile App Player to publish and view content on the iPad. Essentially it's a custom flash player "for" published Storyline projects. As you know, Articulate projects are published to the swf output.

Any Flash files created outside of Storyline will play fine on desktop, but since those files from your marketing department are already published and compressed into swf files, the Apple OS will not allow or recognize.

I know it's frustrating, but for now those swf files of yours will only work on desktop and some devices that are not Apple devices.

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