Installed font no longer working (in SL update 3)

Jun 20, 2013

Have just had to revisit some modules previously built in update 2 and noticed now, in update 3, that one of the 3rd party fonts no longer works.  In this case, the font doesn't appear correctly during build (nor in preview or published).  Naturally this is holding up production + we don't want to roll back to update 2 just for this (even then, maybe we can't guarantee it'll work).

Here's the downloadable font:

And here's an old thread that doesn't currently give a workaround (the Windows security update uninstall doesn't work in this case).

Any ideas on how to resolve this other than rolling back?


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Simon Perkins

Hi Leslie

Thanks for checking this out.  Unfortunately the same issue now occurs when rolling back through updates 1 and 2, which means we can't now publish our changes without rolling back to an old version (not touched with update 3) and doing them all again in update 2 - which will take a couple of days.  I think opening and saving the modules in update 3 has meant the bug became embedded :(

Is there any chance you can guestimate how long before a fix is available?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Simon! I sent a request to the QA Team that looked into your issue to provide me an update if possible, but it looks as though they could not get your font to work in any version of Storyline.  So, without being able to re-create we have no evidence to support that this font ever worked in Storyline.  With that being said, we cannot assume it is a problem with Update 3. I'll let you know if I hear anything further.

Simon Perkins

Hi Leslie

I've just been asked to update one of the first modules as some of the links to external pages have changed.  This is going to require changing all instances of the broken font, which in turn will take quite a bit of time as the nearest font match we've found has different sizing.  I'll send a support message including screenshots proving the original font worked and make reference to this thread.

I'll post here when I hear something back.  Could you pls do the same if you find out anything before I do?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Simon,

Thanks for sending along the case number and I see that Jayem already replied asking you to share a screenr showing how the font worked prior to update 3. Additionally, he shared that if you're able to remove the parenthesis from the font name, that may also help fix the problem. 

I'll follow along in your case as well so that I can update the forum thread. 

Simon Perkins

Hi Ashley

I couldn't find a way to remove the parenthesis so I Googled for a version that excluded them.  Found where the designer states:

This font has been updated!  I've edited the (BRK) in the font name to just BRK.  It seems that Adobe Illustrator and web pages with CSS don't like fonts with ( and ) in their name.

So it appears there is a known issue amongst the font community that thankfully some are addressing.  

Uninstalled the original version and replaced with the new = font now working again.  

I'll feedback the same to Jayem too.


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