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Oct 23, 2014

I know there have been a lot of postings on this but I just can seem to resolve my issue....

Inserted video in slide - set object off screen with trigger to pause media at the end of the objects timeline. also a trigger to go to a "Draw from bank" quiz slide.

Question bank - draw questions randomly is off, 4 questions - one set to always and three set to never.

On feedback slide clicking continue button triggers "hide layer" and "jump back to video slide"

All works up till I click on "continue" and nothing happens.



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Stephanie Harnett

Hi Bill. I set up a test file following your description and when I press the continue button I am taken back to the video slide. The video starts playing again though so I set the slide properties to "resume saved state". That's when I could re-create the problem you are experiencing. Still playing with this to understand why it's happening.

Stephanie Harnett

I believe that is the only solution because you are leaving the slide and then coming back to it. It you were just showing a layer and hiding it, you could have it auto trigger then resume playback. Problem is, you can't have question banks in layers nor question questions per se. You could manually create questions and variables but that's a lot of work and maintenance to do.

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