Interesting potential bug with variables

Hey folks,

I've been playing around with storyline and variables, coming from a coding background and working in an environment that uses storyline. Here's what I'm wondering if anyone has noticed, and may be able to shed some light as to why it happens.

My goal is simple, create a button that you can toggle with clicks. Been around the site and tried a number of the examples. So the issue I came across is that if I create a button with a base state (normal), and create a custom state (lit) and change it's appearance, the variable switch will not work. If I use a program provided state like "selected", I can still modify the button and call the change. Why won't a custom state change work and display?

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Michael Hinze

The Selected state is a built-in state that is automatically called and toggled. With a custom button and custom state, you need to use triggers to manually switch between states. See attached a quick example of a standard button with built-in states vs. a custom button with a custom 'Lit' state. Hope that helps.