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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Doug,

I'd love to help figure this out - can you tell us a bit more about your course?

  • What version and update of Storyline are you using? 
  • Do you know if you're viewing the HTML5 output or Flash? 
  • What exactly is not working? Can users not drag, drop items? Do they see anything appear incorrectly when doing so?

If you can share a link to the course or a copy of the .story file, I'd also be happy to take a look at that! 

Doug Dewan

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for reaching out...I opened a case with Articulate and it worked fine on their side. Seems to be localized to our browsers. Some work and some don't - suspect it's a browser setting that is not set across the team. I've opened a ticket with our IT group to investigate further. 

So it appears not to be an Articulate bug and more a browser bug.