Internet Explorer Issues Launching Course

Feb 09, 2015


I recently created a short course in Storyline 2 and loaded it into my LMS (Moodle). It works great in all browsers except Internet Explorer. I know there are known problems using IE, but my funder uses IE. This particular problem is that the window it opens in is too small to display the whole player and the navigation buttons (next and previous) are not displayed so the learner cannot navigate from slide to slide. 

Are there any settings in SL2 that can help with this issue? We are also troubleshooting on our LMS' end too. 

Thank you! 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alex,

What version of IE are you using? Are you not able to expand or scale the browser? You'll want to look into your player settings as detailed here for player/browser scaling - but it's also worth looking into how this would be have outside of Moodle in another site such as SCORM Cloud to help narrow down if the issue lies with the LMS, IE or the course itself. 

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