Little boxes between texts when opened with IE.

Mar 13, 2019

At first we have text overlapping issues on one of the slide, so we remove the italic and then text is displaying strangely in the rest of the file, and there are some partially missing words that were previously okay. 

This issue only appears on Internet Explorer or Firefox. If open with Chrome then it displays perfectly. BUT, I REALLY NEED IT WORKS ON IE TOO!!

Does anyone know why it happened ?  Thanks ahead!!!


little boxes

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Robin Wienands

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your reply but I checked it's not the font problem. I contacted your team and they guided me to use the modern text setting which fixed this issue. (much appreciated !!! )

However, it does bring other problems that did not exist in this course before, my course score display is no longer from right to left, and this seems to be a global issue on all slides. Any idea how to fix this ??  > - <


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Robin. I see your case with Gerald, and it looks like he matched this issue to a bug where in Arabic, variable text (like the score) is not displaying right-to-left when Modern Text is used. I know that's putting you in a really difficult position between IE and Firefox, and needing to properly display your score. We'll keep you posted on any changes to this behavior.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Robin!

I have great news for you! 📰

We just shipped out our newest update ( Update 32, build 3.32.20313.0) for Storyline 360!

You'll see all the fixes in the updated release notes. You might notice the issue where Arabic text was not displaying in RTL direction when displayed via a Variable Reference when Modern Text is used has been fixed. 🎉

Make sure to update Articulate 360 to get all the fixes!

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