Interpretation of downgrading and error reports as measure for Storyline's release stability

Jul 21, 2023

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I just create a new discussion here.

Somewhere in that July2023 post about stability of Storyline360 a few assumptions are made. This is one:

'Because the adoption rate for new Storyline 360 releases is very consistent, we use downgrade frequency as a way to measure stability.'

This has some inherent gross misassumptions in it. Offcourse the adoption rate for new releases is consistent, because all major developers and studios are aware of the fact that you cannot update Storyline the moment its released, because of the many new bugs and inconsistencies. You can only update when projects are done and new ones start...else you get into trouble. Therefore also the assumption that downgrade frequency is a good way to measure stability is completely wrong. I at the moment never have to downgrade anymore... mostly because i wait a few versions before i upgrade...and never upgrade when busy in production. And this same fact will be true for most professional developers and studios.
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