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Christine Hendrickson


It looks like you modified the player colors/theme colors, but didn't go the route of the custom layer - is that right? Or did you create this using the method that Phil suggested?

I believe you're still using the built-in prompt, so I'm going to share the details with you below.

You can modify the color for both the "Invalid Answer" prompt title and the text that's displayed below:

To do so, you'll want to modify the player colors for both Window > Text (for the title) and Editor > Slide_Text (for the text).

Here's a job aid that will help with any other elements that you may want to change:

A Color Diagram to Help You Customize Your Storyline Player Colors

I hope this helps!

Janice Pericich

I did change the color in the play and tried to preview it on a quiz slide but it was still gray instead of the light blue I was hoping for. It’s a very large file.

I have a light blue selected, but it continues to look like this:


Wendy Farmer

Hi Janice

if you're responding via email the attachments don't work so I can't see what's happening. Have you tried closing your file and re=opening it before trying again.

I can do a short video of what i did if you think that might help but sounds like you are following same steps I am just not getting the result.

Walt Hamilton

The Invalid box is changed in the player Like Wendy suggested, and you already did. It is only used if the user clicks submit with making a selection. The Correct and Incorrect boxes are changed in the Feedback Master.  View -> Feedback Master.  Then select the topmost master, select the gray shape, Click Home tab, and shape fill.