Invalid Answer - You must complete the question before submitting (Pick Many)

Jul 28, 2016

I created a simply "Pick Many" quiz question with 2 correct answers.  The problem is... after I click Submit, the Invalid Answer - You must complete the question before submitting screen appears.  I did right click on all of my images and "Button Set" is set to "None".  I did ungroup all of my images.

Try Again, Incorrect, or Correct do not display.

Currently, I only have one trigger, which states:

  • Action = Submit Interaction
  • Interaction = Pick Many 1 (I'm not sure where the "1" came from or why it's there.
  • When = User clicks
  • Object = Submit Button

Any assistance you can provide in helping me would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for your assistance!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Andrea!

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing me to take a look. I'm not experiencing an issue with your course. It works as you've designated in the Form View by selecting the correct text boxes below the images.

Based on the slide view - I assume you actually want the users to select the images vs the text. Is that correct?

You can update the 'correct' answers in the form view. 

Andrea L

Thank you Leslie.  Yes, you are correct. I want them to select images (or text).

The issue occurred when selecting "Submit".  I got the Invalid Answer - You must complete the question before submitting screen.  I redid the slide a couple of times and it finally worked, but I don't know what I did differently. 

Michael Hinze

The Submit interaction trigger expects at least one answer choice to be in Selected state. However, you set all items to a custom state (Click on) when clicked. So, when the Submit button is clicked NONE of the items is Selected, which triggers the error message you see.

Tom Fowler

Just to add to this - I was using a slider to change a few object states to selected in a freeform pick one. I didn't realise that the slider has a selected state too, so I kept getting the same error. The workaround is to delete the selected state for the slider, and the submit button if you're using one.

Glenda DeHoff

Greetings! I am having a similar issue with a Pick Many question that I am using in a slightly unusual manner. This is a simulation and I am setting the state of the correctly selected objects based on variables that change when the user clicks the appropriate responses determined on separate layers. Some of my questions seem to work just fin while others do not.  I am about to pull my hair out! 

If someone could take a look, I'd be grateful.



Walt Hamilton

Since the only trigger that uses When timeline starts is Reset Assessment, I wouldn't use the jump to this slide triggers. Instead, I'd show the Reset Assessment layer, and close it when its timeline ends. Since the slide is set to automatically decide on revisit, it seems you are choosing to randomly either keep, or reset the states of all the objects. I don't think it's a good idea to trust that. I would change the "Jump to this slide" triggers to "Show Reset Assessment layer". That way, instead of jumping to the slide, and resetting, you would be resetting, and staying with everything as it is.

If that doesn't help, save my little remaining hair. Tell us which things work, which ones don't, and especially what do you want them to do, and what do they do instead.


Matt Chilvers

Had the same issue - make sure when you select the correct answer in form view, you select the object/shape the user will click/select rather than the text of the right answer.

I had a button set for the user to click on to select the correct answer, however when i selected the correct answer in the form view i chose the text of the answer rather than the actual object/shape - which kept giving me the error message - Invalid Answer - You must complete the question before submitting.


Walt Hamilton

You can avoid Matt's problem, and a lot of others, if you will put the text directly on the shape, instead of taking the extra time to create a text box. When you create a shape, just start typing, and the text will show on the shape. Or, you can come back later, right click the shape and choose edit text.  Having only one object simplifies more procedures than you can imagine. In fact, I hardly ever use buttons, and shapes only when I have to (like if I want rounded corners). Otherwise, you can color and format text boxes just like shapes. Ctrl-t and start typing. You can have it created in less time than it takes to find the shape you want.

Keith Shull

After lots of frustration with the Invalid Answer pop-up, I realized SL wasn't recognizing when an item was clicked. It thought I was submitting the question without having selected anything.

Looks like the solution (or at least one solution) for a Freeform Pick Many question is to NOT create any custom triggers or multiple states. SL360 is smart enough now (compared to SL3) to recognize what should happen. I stripped my question down to bare essentials: just 2 states (Normal & Selected) on the clickable items and No custom Submit button. I didn't add any additional triggers. The only trigger I now have is the default "Submit Button" Player Trigger: "Submit interaction Pick Many When the user clicks submit." 

Also, when I copied & pasted an item -- WITH ITS EXSTING TRIGGERS -- I seem to have issues. These were copied & pasted from different question types, so that MAY be another factor. Once I inserted all new clickable items, that seems to have solve the Invalid Answer issue.

It works fine now.