iPad Audio and Animations

Jan 15, 2014

Hi Everyone,

Recently I have come across a problem with the audio and animations playing together properly in some Storyline slides when viewed on the iPad.  The majority of the "regular" slides (those with only a base layer and basic animations) play well, but on slides where there are multiple slide layers, buttons, and triggers the syncing is off.  Essentially what happens is that the audio plays first, then once the audio finishes the animations for the layer begin.

I have read other helpful post on the subject, and I have tried a few different suggestions but with no noticeable difference.  The audio is at the top of each timeline for every slide layer, we are using the latest updates to both Storyline and the iPad, all of the features we are using are listed as working with the iPad by Articulate, and we are using a Chrome browser since it had been suggested that their might be some playback issues with Safari.

The presentations are published to HTML5, but our client has requested that the Articulate Mobile Player not be implemented so that users have less to download.

Everything plays fine when viewed on any computer, so I wondering if I am missing something simple here?  Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!


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