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Apr 08, 2013

Hi everyone,

My apologies if this one has already been answered - searched for a while and couldn't find this, so I decided to post.

I'm converting an SL course to HTML5 output for iPad and I'm running into a slight issue. When you click a button to launch a lightbox, everything works perfectly. But when you close the lightbox, it restarts the slide from the beginning. It's not a HUGE issue, but pretty annoying for students when the slide is a minute long and there are three lightboxes they need to go to.

I've tried creating a black slide layer that becomes active when the button is clicked (trigger order is 1. show layer and then 2 lightbox slide). Problem is that the slide still resets when you close the lightbox because I need the slide to be set to "reset to initial state" upon revisiting.

So short of redesigning all slides like this in the course, can anyone recommend a solution?


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Sinchu Raj

HI Nick, even i have faced this same problem, its a bug from storyline tool, hope they will fix it soon. 

Yeah storyline guys. its from long time we are facing hell of issues in html5 out, please i dont wanna say verything works fine in swf. if i want an swf output then i can depend on flash. i have payed much more for licence and am facing all the bugs.  just fix all this issues soon i dont wanna spoil the value of storyline.

Subu Mv

Hi Nick/Peter, did you happen to find a solution to this problem ? i have been working on a file and have used a Light-box for Glossary & a documents slide. As per the latest test results on iPad (IOS 7.0 & above), whenever the Light-box is closed, the browser (Safari - IOS 7.0) shuts down instantly causing the user to re-launch the browser & the URL . Any fix to this issue soon would be much appreciated.  

2. While we are on this topic, i have read in many such posts about the 2 finger scroll option. On some of the slides in our lesson, though the 2 finger scroll works at times it isn't as smooth and consistent as one expects. The scrolling panel is vital to our process of creating lessons and hence a fix or a work around would be great.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Subu,

This thread is a bit older, and Peter is now in a different position in the company - but could you let us know if you're using Storyline 1 or 2? Also, where are you hosting the course to test on your iPad? 

In regards to the second issue, the two finger scroll is the designed behavior in Storyline 1, although based on a lot of user feedback we implemented the one finger scroll in Storyline 2. 

Subu Mv

Hi Ashley, 

Thank you for your quick reply.

Ya, i realized it was an older thread but thought that this issue might have been resolved. Anyways, the files referred to here have been created on Storyline 1 and have been hosted on our company website. When these lessons are opened on the Ipad from our website, we come across these issues mentioned above. 

And, thank you also for an update on the scroll on Storyline 2. We will soon be moving to Storyline 2 which should be a hassle free experience. 

We have a set of lessons which have been created on the Storyline 1 and we would like to have one file on the website optimized for IOS, Android, Web & all other platforms. Any suggestions/inputs in this area will be much appreciated.




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Subu,

What update of Storyline 1 are you currently using? We're on update 8, and although I don't see  a particular issue as you mentioned in regards to the lightbox and HTML5 output, it's always our recommendation to be on the latest updates as it often includes a number of bug fixes. 

Also have you tried the set up in iOS8? I have that installed on my iPad and would be happy to test it out for you. 

In regards to Android support, that was also introduced in Storyline 2 as detailed here. You won't be able to utilize Storyline 1 on Android devices. 

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