iPad/iPhone Moodle 2.5.6 and Totara 2.5 - SCOID ERROR and poor performance


I'm having trouble with courses I have built in Storyline 1 (update 7). They are not running correctly on iPads and iPhones.  I can get them to load, but they are very slow in response and result in a SCOID error after a few pages.

I also tried a course that I have built in an older version of Storyline which did run fine, but when I republished it and uploaded it now also causes a SCOID error. 

I have uploaded the file. You will see the publish settings are for HTML 5 and iPad. In moodle and totara we load in "New Window (Simple)".

The other think I noticed is that although the module will fill my iPhone screen in landscape mode, when I click a button all the browser navigation appears and it shrinks. It's a very poor user experience.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get this working?  (I've uploaded to SCORM Cloud and there are no problems with the manifest).


Thanks in advance.




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Gerry Wasiluk

Any chance you can update to Storyline 2?

I'm currently doing a project for a client with Totara/Moodle 2.6, documenting settings to get the best possible display on desktops and tablets.  I'm getting very good results for HTML5 content display on two iPads and an Android, along with Flash on PC desktops/laptops.

Articulate made many great changes with content displaying in LMS frames with Storyline 2.  Performance and response seems improved also.  

(If you can't upgrade now, or if you want to be sure first before upgrading, you could download a trial copy of SL2 and use that for testing.  You can have SL1 and SL2 on the same PC--the only drawback might be if you double-click on a .story file it'll open up in SL2.)

I've not seen any SCOID errors yet.  Maybe SL2 or Totara 2.6 fixes that?

I'm downloading your file now to take a look . . .

Gerry Wasiluk

Hi, Julian.

Using my client's Totara 2.6 test system, I'm seeing your course load and display fine on my PC as Flash, iPad4 as HTML5, and Nexus 9 tablet as HTML5.  No SCOID errors yet . . .

I was using Storyline 2.

Loading and displaying new pages on the iPad and the Android tablet was far slower than on the PC as Flash.  I've always also seen HTML5 load slower on an iPad, though things seems far slower today than I'm used to (this is also with other courses I tried this AM).  This may partly be a function of the iPad's limited RAM or how courses get preloaded on tablets.

Also, publishing your course took far longer than I'm used to seeing compared to other courses I've done of similar size.  Really slow.  Not sure what is going on there.  If I get a chance later today, I'll look at this some more . . .

Dan Marsden

Also don't forget - that Totara subscription you have comes with a commercial support agreement - you can submit help requests in different ways depending on your subscription level. I'd definitely submit a request related to the scoid error directly to Totara with a copy of your package for them to test.