Ipad performance is slow in html5 output

Aug 13, 2012

I tested my html5 version of my project on an Ipad and it was very slow to respond to any clicks.

It took forever to pause and play each slide. along with moving to the next slide.

is there any settings that would hlp speed up the player? I did not download the articulate app player.

I jsut viewed it as strait HTML5 on the Ipad.



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Jamie Morgan

Hi Scott,

I won't speak for Aticulate directly, but my experience with them is that they address issues fairly quickly when they're aware of them. Unlike other companies (*cough* *cough* Adobe), they don't usually provide lip service without following through.

Mobile courses were a big deal to our company and we've had no issues using the Mobile Player. Obviously if you're wanting to track courses within an LMS, that puts a wrench into the Mobile Player unless your LMS supports Tin Can.

From my research, there aren't many options out there that has figured out HTML5 output flawlessly and if they have, they likely don't have the robust options of Storyline or the 1 file to launch all 3 publish types.

Just my 2 cents.

Aditya M

Peter Anderson said:

Hi Josh,

Our QA team is aware of this and is working hard to get it improved for a future version. While it seems to work fine in Chrome, Mobile Safari does exhibit excessive delays. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. 

Has this issue been addressed yet? or any ETA? We've purchased a number of Articulate licenses and have now come across this. We might have to look for an alternative if this is not resolved quickly as we were planning on to start producing lots of content fairly soon. We're experiencing the same issues on the iPad 1, 2, and 3 (with iPad 1 experiencing the greatest lag time ~6 seconds between page transitions on assessment questions). 

Peter Anderson

Hi Aditya, welcome

The issues with slow response time are more a symptom of an immature HTML5 and Mobile Safari than a Storyline limitation. The iPad's mobile Safari browser currently has inherent limitations that impact how multimedia operates, as well as the overall performance of HTML5 content.

Please review the following article to learn more about mobile Safari's limitations and recommendations for improving performance of your content:
Rob Mcilwain


My company is having these same problems. We were in the process of changing from Flash based courses to using Storyline to create our e-learning. Currently though this issue is proventing us from doing so, has there been any developmets with this issue? We need our LMS based e-learning courses to run smoothly on an ipad.



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