iPad playback - Video and audio on separate tracks on timeline an issue

Has anyone had trouble with iPad playback when video and audio are on separate tracks in the timeline? I have no trouble when video and audio are in one file but 2 separate files on one timeline seems to create a playback issue on the iPad.

Is the only way to fix this having one file married together? This creates another issue for me, the audio level is much higher when I merge the files together. Frustrating!

Thank you for your help.

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Brooke!

Yikes, that does sound frustrating! I'm glad you reached out, and I'd love to help narrow down the cause of this playback problem.

  • Could you share more detail on what's happening; does the audio overlap, not play?
  • Does this problem occur during preview, or only when viewing the published output on an iPad?
  • Is the course hosted on a web server or LMS?

Let me know, and we'll work on our next steps!